Antalya on the Mediterranean Coast is Turkey's tourism capital, attracting millions of visitors every year with its combination of perfect climate and scenic beauty. It is said that its founder, King Attalos II of Pergamon, on first discovering this place, told his troops that "this must be heaven". More than two thousand years later, this beautiful old town still seems like heaven to many, and provides a host of reasons why you should experience it at least once in a lifetime.

Indeed, although the place would have looked a lot different in 150 B.C., it is still breathtaking when first viewed, surrounded by ancient city walls and towering cliffs, the golden beach backed by the snow-capped Taurus Mountains, with the charming Old City at the centre. In front is the picturesque harbour, dotted with yachts and colourful boats, opening on to the shimmering Mediterranean Sea. The winding cobbled streets of the Old City are full of brilliant bougainvillea that flowers all year round, and filled with the scent of night-blooming jasmine.


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