Sri Lanka holidays offer Western amenities, cultural diversity, amazing island adventures and all types of beach and water-based activities. Hot and tropical along the coasts, visitors can enjoy the various mountains and plateaus where temperatures are cooler and flora and fauna are biologically diverse. Known as Ceylon until 1972, the country has more than 3,000 years of documented history, colonial charm, Indian Ocean water-sports activities, bespoke tours, colourful temples and religious artefacts.


The island is home to four major religions in a temperate climate, so outdoor festivals occur year-round. If one side of the island is experiencing bad weather, then the other side is likely to have superb conditions for holidaymaking.

Visitors can enjoy the national parks, mountains, beaches, cultural attractions, religious shrines, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and beautiful beaches, but prepare to spend at least two weeks on the island to sample Sri Lanka's charms.

Sri Lanka

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